Just Breathe

So a few days ago, Ze Frank released a neat song called “chillout”. Check it out here:

It seems quite simplistic but I think the sentiment expressed in this song is something many of us could use when we are feeling overwhelmed, especially when you combine it with the story of how it was made.

The mantra-like, repetitive nature of the chorus made me think about what it would be like if it just repeated forever. Then I remembered that “Hey! I have a copy of GarageBand, why don’t I find out?” ¬†After some careful cropping and a little crossfade tweaking, I made a little 14 sec chunk of the chorus that loops perfectly (to my ear, anyway). Perhaps someone else will find it reassuring to listen to when they are going through a rough patch and need a little reminder, so I present it here for your downloading pleasure:

Chillout Repeat [mp3]

Recommended Usage:

  1. Download mp3 file
  2. Import into iTunes
  3. Set iTunes to repeat just that song (double click the repeat icon in the lower left corner)
  4. Sit back, relax and just breathe
  5. Buy the full song from Ze Frank’s Bandcamp Page

If you don’t use iTunes, steps 2 +3 can be replaced by any other way to get a music file to repeat.

Obviously the song is copyright to Ze Frank so I hope he doesn’t mind me chopping it up.

you’re ok
you’ll be fine
just breathe

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