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Patreon Pledge Totals

To anyone who is familiar with LoadingReadyRun, we have announced a project recently that ties into our upcoming office move. Since the ability (and necessity) to move to a new, larger and better equipped office is in large part due to the amazing generosity of our Patreon supporters, we wanted to say thank you by […]

The Streamer is Online

This is my attempt at a project inspired by Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present. For more information on why I am doing this and what I hope to accomplish, click here.  I don’t have the logistics, location or intestinal fortitude to copy Abramović’s piece (especially not doing it for 3 months!), but I am hoping that […]

The Streamer is Online — History

A few years ago now, the MOMA in New York held a retrospective of work by renowned performance artist, Marina Abramović. As part of this exhibit, Abramović performed a piece called The Artist is Present, in which she sat immobile in the museum’s atrium while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her. As luck would have […]

Youtube Thumbnail Bookmarklet

Something I do quite often for my website,, is make thumbnails for online videos. The most straight forward way to get a thumbnail, of course, is do just take a screenshot of the video, but it can often be a pain to find just the right shot and many video players have annoying overlays […]