Mission Statement

Ok, so here’s the deal: this blog is not going to be about my day to day life, funny things I see, people I meet or any of the traditional “blog” subjects. I write, produce, and act in videos every week, I manage a website that has its own blog and forums and I’m in a weekly podcast in which we talk about video games we are playing and answer viewer questions. I’m pretty happy with how “out there” I am in the online world and have no great desire to extend myself further*.  If you want to find out what is happening behind the scenes at LoadingReadyRun, I suggest to check out the LRR Blog or the LRR Crew’s various twitter accounts.

That being said, occasionally I have random ideas for little projects that are unrelated to LRR. Sometimes they are videos, sometimes websites, sometimes programs, or sometimes just little code snippets. Mostly they are just silly, but occasionally they may be useful to someone. Up until now all this stuff has just sat around on my hard drive, forgotten and unloved. Occasionally I will look at one and play with it, but mostly the actual process of creating it was the fun part and I lose interest once it is finished. Projects like this are only really cool if you have someone to show them to, so I have decided to set up this blog to make this stuff available to the world at large. Mostly it is just nice to have them some place where I know I won’t accidentally delete them in a hard drive clean up.

Note that this blog will probably be updated very sporadically, maybe once a week, once a month or maybe even just a couple times a year. It all depends on if I get inspired to make something worth looking at. If you are interested in my work, I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed so that you don’t keep coming back to be disappointed.

*on a related note, you probably shouldn’t bother adding me on facebook, I don’t check it very often.