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Accurate Pitchfork

So, I’m not much of a music buff, but even I have heard of the music review site Pitchfork. Among my friends, Pitchfork has a reputation for bad reviews, overlooking great albums and praising terrible ones. We talked about it a little in a recent podcast on LoadingReadyRun and I got to thinking that it […]

Just Breathe

So a few days ago, Ze Frank released a neat song called “chillout”. Check it out here: It seems quite simplistic but I think the sentiment expressed in this song is something many of us could use when we are feeling overwhelmed, especially when you combine it with the story of how it was made. […]

Celebrate Good Times

Scenario One: You are waiting for the response to an extremely important business proposal. The client is over due and you have been reduced to compulsively hitting the Send/Receive All button every 30 seconds. Finally, you hear a small beep, and the message appears in your inbox. You got the job! But wasn’t that a […]

The Mighty Text File

Don’t get me wrong, databases are cool. As a PHP programmer and web developer, I use relational databases every day, and for complex data sets, searching or sorting, nothing is better. The problem is that as soon as you are using a database, no matter how small, you suddenly have a whole bunch of extra […]